The Need of Prayer for Elections

As elections are round the corner, there is a constant worry about what the outcome of the coming is going to be. Whether the Government that will be formed will be conducive to us Christians, or whether it will be one that will bring persecution for us. The truth of the matter is that the coming Government may not be the deciding factor that puts an end to the atrocities that Christians face. In fact, there may be many more challenges that may only spur up. So all we can do is surrender to our ever loving God and pray that the journey be smooth.

Here are some aspects that we need to pray for during the elections:

The Church:
One might wonder what the church has to do with elections. But Paul, as he writes in

Ephesians 3:10, Even the heavenly forces and powers will not discover through the church the wisdom of God in its manifold expression…,

states that even though we may not realize the power the Church contains, it is through the Church that the wisdom of God is spread to the people.
As so let our prayer be that:

  • Everyone may see the hope to which we are called;
  • The presence of God may be felt in a new way;
  • People may realize that their vote is going to make a difference;
  • A spirit of repentance and humility may be seen among the children of God.

The Voters:
Our country is the biggest democracy in the world and yet, unfortunately it has a low voter turnout of just around 60%. It is essential that every citizen realizes the importance of being given the privilege of choosing their own leader. Every citizen needs to understand the importance of casting his vote and render his/her vote useful.
Let us pray for voters so that:

  • They may seek wisdom from God;
  • They may lay aside personal interests and keep in mind the common good while deciding who to vote for;
  • Every citizen might be able to discern the truth from the falsehood.

The Candidates:
Nearly one third of the members of the previous Lok Sabha had criminal charges against them, and nearly half of those were serious charges like murder and abduction. In this election too, some of the candidates do not have a clean record. While it is something we are angry about, we must seek the wisdom of God in deciding the right candidate to represent us in the Government. Therefore, it does not mean that we pray only for those whom we consider fit enough to be part of the election process. Every person who is part of the election process needs our prayers.
So let us pray for candidates so that:

  • They may stand up to be righteous, even when challenged;
  • Their family may be safe despite the challenge and scrutiny;
  • The company they seek may be of Godly advisors;
  • Their focus remains the betterment of the people.

The Media
The media today sometimes instead of being messengers of information are seen lobbying for various lobbies, overtly or discretely. Since media is the primary method of information and communication to the world, it is essential that they are especially prayed for.
Let us pray that the media:

  • May cover the truth;
  • May be unbiased in their coverage;
  • Give fair coverage in all reports to Christianity;
  • Place emphasis on hope as part of their coverage.

Impact on the world
While we are a democratic country, the decisions we make also affect the larger population, the world. The decisions made in the country might help or harm the world at large. We need to pray that the choices made might bring about peace and co-operation among the nations.
So let us pray that:

  • Voters may keep in mind the foreign policies of the candidate they choose;
  • The activities of other nations may not affect the election process;
  • The outcome of the election may serve to spread the good news.

Spiritual Warfare Surrounding the Elections
As we prepare for the elections, there are a million things that may go haywire, that being the work of the evil one. Therefore we need to be prepared for the spiritual battle as the attack is going to be both spiritual and physical. The attacks may be on the candidates, their families, the media and maybe the Church as well. Therefore, we need to stand firm in our faith and pray for God’s power to prevail.
So let us pray for spiritual warfare issues so that:

  • There may be awareness and discernment among the people of God;
  • The candidates and their families may be protected physically;
  • Mighty hand of protection may cover the entire nation;
  • The sword of the Spirit may control the thoughts and intents of the heart.

The Purpose of God
We should not divert our focus from the purpose of God. As we prepare for the elections, we need to remember that the ultimate aim is to fulfill the purpose of God as clearly stated in

Matthew 6:10 – “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven”.

We need to put down our own interests and take up the desires of God. All our thoughts and actions need to be focused towards the Kingdom of God.
So let us pray:

  • That we may seek first the Kingdom of God;
  • That God may be honored through the election process;
  • That Christians may get an opportunity to proclaim their faith;
  • That the outcome of the election pleases the Lord and he may bless his people.

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