New India Country Servant

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that our Servant General, Frank Padilla, has appointed our brother, A.V. Jose of Patna, Bihar, currently serving as Mission Coordinator, East Hindi Mission, and a member of my College of Consultors, to succeed me as the next Country Servant.

On behalf of the entire community of Couples for Christ India and personally too, I extend to our brother, A.V. Jose, our congratulations on being chosen to serve God in this position. I would also like to assure him that we will all love, accept and support him and his family, pray for him and his ministry daily, and make his work lighter by practicing active submission to him in the life and mission of our community.

As I lay down my office, I take this opportunity to thank all my brothers and sisters, fellow servants in the vineyard of the Lord that is our community, but especially the members of my College of Consultors who lay down their office together with me, the Band of Prophets, the Army of Intercessors, the Pastoral Formation Office, National Office Staff, Mission Coordinators, District Servants & Coordinators and Pastoral Workers & Staff for your love, affection and fraternal support that my family and I experienced, your incessant prayers for me and my ministry, your active submission that made my work so much a joy, and your zeal for the Lord which served as an inspiration for me to continue to serve God all these years. I look forward to continuing to serve God and you my brothers and sisters as a fellow servant according to the service that will be now assigned to me by our brother Jose. I also seek forgiveness for the pain I am sure I have caused some of you due to my personal shortcomings that made it difficult for me to truly reflect Jesus at all times.

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