The Newest Kids on the Block!

The Christian Life Seminar (CLS) of the Porvorim Chapter came to a halt on the 22nd of June 2017 with the covenant ceremony, welcoming the new batch of participants to the CFCI family. It was held during the Chapter meeting along with the Couples as is the tradition, at Holy Family Church Hall.

The day before
Excitement levels were high, as the core group led by Tito Ehrlich and Tita Suzette de Sousa encouraged the team to make this covenant ceremony and future ones a memorable and special day for the new members.

The theme colour selected was ‘Red and White‘ and ideas were thrown around to decide the decoration of the hall, the flow of the function and options for takeaways for the members. The group discussion (GD) heads guided by the CLS team leader Joshua Silveira, kept following up with members about their availability for the upcoming ceremony.

A couple of the older singles were seen busy at work making favours that would be handed to the new members. These were beautifully made and would surely steal the attention of all those gathered.

On that day
The older Singles arrived early to set up the hall and fellowship began on the dot of 7pm with some delicious snacks. The hall was decked with red balloons and a decorative bowl set up with floating candles amidst fragrant flowers. One glance at the decorative writing- ‘welcome to our family,’ on the board made everyone feel happy and welcome. Most of those taking the committment and the older singles who managed to adhere to the dress code, were seen sporting their red outfits, making the evening look rather Christmassy! It was nice seeing the new members mingling with the couples for the first time and feeling welcomed and accepted into the community.

The programme began with a few lively action songs where everyone was seen actively participating, following which, was a wonderful Praise and Worship session led by Tito Ehrlich de Sousa,accompanied by the tunes of the Singles Music Ministry. After this, Tito Orlando Mascarenhas, our chapter servant introduced and welcomed the new members into the fold.

He started with prayers, inviting the Holy Spirit into our midst and then proceeded to lead the members in reading out the covenant along with him. Then came the signing of the covenant cards which were handed over to the formators who welcomed each member with a giant hug.

17 members took the covenant that day, pledging to ‘live Christ and share Christ‘ through the community. It gave us new family members and also the assurance that God’s word is being received daily and that our efforts no matter how small are making an impact in the world today.

Everyone was delighted with the new additions to the family and the ceremony ended with the new members being congratulated by the couples and other singles whilst sharing cake and good conversation.

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