The CFCI Youth Margao had an intake camp which was held at Palloti Home Chandor from 4th to 6th May 2018. The theme of the camp was “#Nofilters– You are amazing just the way you are” (Romans 5:8).

On 4th May, 46 participants assembled at the venue. The 10 service team members and the Formators gave them a warm welcome. Many gospel songs were taught to the participants out of which ‘Romans 16’ got them energized.

The camp began with an ‘icebreaker’ so that the participants could mix around and get to know each other, which they did and enjoyed thoroughly. The first talk was about ‘God’s love and His plans for us’ which ended with a testimony and group discussion. The second talk was on ‘Who is Jesus to me?’ which also ended with a testimony and group discussion.

The next day began with praise and worship. The third talk was on ‘Sin and Repentance’, followed by faith walk-which was a spiritual activity for everyone (it was conducted in pairs where one was blindfolded the other guided him/her through the hurdles), an inner healing session and confession.

One on one’s were conducted, where the Group Discussion Heads got to know the participants better, creating a brotherly/sisterly bond.

The fourth talk was about the ‘Role of the Holy Spirit in our lives’. Further, they were made aware of how to invoke the Holy Spirit. The participants had a Christ-filled experience and some testified to this experience.

The third day began with a vibrant worship session after which the participants were asked to write a letter to their parents. This was done to bring about a feeling of gratitude and to increase the bond of love between them and their parents. The fifth talk was on ‘Growing in the Spirit’ followed by testimonies. All the talks and testimonies not only benefited the participants but also increased the faith of the camp team members.

We organized a few water games to cool down the participants as it was the peak of summer and seemed like the perfect activity to freshen everyone up. Later in the day, they were introduced to the concept of personal prayer and had a time of silence to practice what they had learnt. In the evening, the parents and participants had to exchange their letters, after which the parents joined in for the celebration of the Holy Mass. Songs and testimonies were heard by the parents who were overjoyed to hear what all their kids had experienced. We ended the camp with a Praise Fest and a short time of fellowship for everyone.

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