Oh me of little Faith!

Four years ago, while in Goa playing for a gospel concert with my band Grace Afterglow, I got to hear another Goan band and they blew me away with their music and the way they sounded! I said to myself, “This is what I want to do someday

I wanted to do sound, mix good bands (I was just starting my career as a sound engineer then).Time passed and over the years I kept following this band on social media, looking at the events they played for and it all looked really amazing!

At the same time, working in Mumbai was really good too. I had quite a lot of learning to do and in my 3 years with ‘Absolute Audio India‘ I did just that!!

Apart from all the daily learning, I was continually being blessed with opportunities to do sound and mix quite a few brilliant Indian as well as international artists.

Around 7-8 months ago, on one of my trips to Goa for the CFCI Youth Conference, a few of my friends told me about the same band and how they are so brilliant. They happened to be playing at a local restaurant during the time that I was there, so I immediately asked my friends to make plans so that we could go and watch them.

At the gig, while enjoying the music they played, a thought just crossed my mind; I wondered: what are the chances that someday I could set sound for them? I however didn’t dwell much on the matter, but God works in mysterious ways. Just around a week ago, through the influence of one of my brothers in the community, I was offered to come and try my hand at mixing sound for them , since their existing engineer wanted to leave.

I tell you, I had so much fun that day, and I wasn’t really concerned about whether it would work out or not. I was just happy that I got the opportunity to work with them.

The week ended up being quite an overwhelming one for me and what started out as a fun holiday, ended up with me getting really good reviews. God heard the desire of my heart and in His time fulfilled it according to His plan, like we read in Psalm 37:4

“Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart, trust in Him and He will act.”

Four years ago I heard ‘A26‘ for the very first time!
Four years from then:
Yes! I’m their new engineer!
Yes! I am moving to Goa!

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