On Bended Knees

God calls us to serve His Kingdom in many ways.. directly through a call, or an inspiration, or idea,or indirectly through the pure joy of just sitting in His presence.

God used a combination of both these methods to call me to serve Him at the Singles Christian Life Seminar (CLS) held in July 2011 at Panjim.

Although I had served before in the community in various ways through the CLS, I was somehow excited about this particular one. For some strange reason, during the final stages of planning this CLS, God inspired me and made me realize that the intercession ministry was missing. He told me, He wanted me to intercede. Amazingly! God had freed me beforehand for this task. Even though I had never interceded before, I knew God would tell me what to do.

The first module of the Singles CLS was held as an overnight at the Retreat House, Pilar. After the  music ministry finished worship, I went down to the Chapel on the 2nd floor. I was joined by my sister Marissa Andrews. We said a small prayer and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. After that I can truly say that the Holy Spirit took over. He led us all the way! Not because we were worthy, but through God’s abundant grace and mercy, we were made worthy. Every hymn, be it praise or repentance and the prayers, were truly inspired. We were singing in perfect harmony and all I can say is that we experienced perfect unity in the Spirit. I truly felt that there were choirs of angels singing with us. At one point, we were flat on our faces just worshiping the Lord. If I could have spent the whole night in the Chapel, I would have. I just didn’t want to leave.

As we came out, the other members of the service team said that they were “blown away” by the talks and it was like hearing the talks for the first time!!

This had never happened to us as a team. As for the new members, they were also deeply touched. I knew that I had experienced firsthand the power of prayer. But God was not finished yet. He had another surprise in store for me! During one of our sessions I was in tears, weeping before the Lord. The Lord brought to my mind a deep sorrow that I had been carrying that only He had known about. The Lord washed me in His precious blood right there and I was made new once again. I knew then, that nothing can separate me from God’s love and He will always be there for me. He encouraged me to make a good confession again, even though I had done so just two days before. The words of the priest, His minister, were exactly what I needed to hear and the healing was complete. The Lord has blessed me richly through this experience and I’m still counting the blessings!

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