Once Again..

It’s those eyes so dreadfully familiar,
I came across long before
The eyes that penetrate and read into the bottom of your heart
And you just cannot afford to stand there anymore.

But when I look into the eyes of JESUS, it’s different
The eyes that only know to love and care,
With gentleness and understanding, He looks through you
Coz He knows even the number of your hair.

Once again

Who says the devil comes with horns
Who says he dresses in black?
He comes in the form of an ordinary sheep
And wishes you with a lil peck.

Give me the wisdom that sits by your throne, oh God
And do not reject me from the number of your children,
for you asked me to be judge over your sons and daughters
and with a lil understanding of judgement and laws
how do I build a temple on your holy mountain?
And so I look up to the same mountain & wonder,
From where will my help come?

Its always upto us to choose,
For before us is fire and ice
But when the forces of evil are so strong
You end up making decisions, not very wise.

For with the omnipotence of your mighty majesty
You crushed the head of all negative forces
It has been finished long ago
And by thy wounds we are healed.

And then with all gentleness and love
You look at the nothingness within my soul and say,
The one that is in you, is greater than the one in the world
Making me realize ONCE AGAIN
That all I need to do is
Be still and know that thou art GOD

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