Our Lady of Fátima

Surrounded by light
A rosary hung on her right arm
Her clothing but pure white
She said “from heaven I come”

Ah! And the children
There were three
And they followed her word
Wherever they may be

They were Francisco and Jacinta
And their cousin Lucia too
Everyday their love
for GOD always grew

Though Queen of Heaven
She takes care of you
you can count on her love
Cause its eternally true

Oh ! Heavenly Mother
pray for us too
so that we may become
more and more like you

Poetry by Tia D’Souza (CFCI Kids Bangalore)

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8 Responses to Our Lady of Fátima

  1. So sweet and innocent the poem is. Well done Tia, may u grow in the love of God making Christ known to all.

  2. Wonderful!!! It’s a poem to take our souls to mother Mary too. I felt like a kid as I was going through. Mother Mary pls pray for your children .

  3. Wow Tia… That poem is so beautiful may mama Mary bless you and may you radiate Jesus to every one you meet … Keep writing for the glory Of God :)… God bless you dear