Parents – Singles Gathering

The occasion of the 67th Republic Day of India had another special meaning in the lives of the Porvorim Singles. It was the day of the much awaited Parents-Singles gathering, where the parents of the singles were invited for an evening of fun and fellowship.

The invitations were received with great enthusiasm, and as the clock struck 4.30pm, the singles along with their parents bustled into the venue. After a round of snacks and drinks, we were all set to officially begin the program.

The mood setters for the evening were Silverio & Leean who did a fabulous job in making the parents feel at ease. The evening began with a prayer led by Joshua followed by a few actions songs which got the singles and the parents alike, swaying to the actions and moves.

The music ministry which comprised of Nigel and Matias on the guitar, Lionel on the keyboard, Julius on the violin and Leean, Joanne and Nicole on the vocals were wonderfully melodious and they brought alive the entire atmosphere along with Erushka and Erica who were part of the dance ministry.

There was a modified version of Human Housie held as an ice breaker which got the singles and parents scurrying around the room interacting with one another. Following this, the Formators of the Porvorim chapter, Tito Ehrlich & Tita Suzette addressed the parents about the community in general and the numerous events that we undertake. We also played a video highlighting our different activities and urged all the parents to continue praying for their children and for our community.

It was then a time of open sharing where we first invited singles to share how their lives have been transformed during their time in the community. Silverio, Nikita, Cressida and Joshua all had amazing testimonies. The floor was then left open for the parents to share on how they felt their child had transformed his/her life. Quite a few parents did share and the joyous look on their faces said it all.

Soon it was time to wind up. As we all held hands and sang the hymn ‘Bind us together Lord’, I felt pleased that we had taken a small step towards improving our family life. For indeed

“As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.”
~ St.John Paul the Great

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