Pavitrata Mein Khushi

The Regional Youth Conference for the Hindi language region was held in Assam, Tinsukia district, Margherita, DRRC from 28th – 30th April 2017.

The Conference was inaugurated by Rev. Bishop Joseph Aind. The programme started off with an Adivasi traditional dance followed by the traditional lighting of the lamp. The Holy Eucharist was then celebrated by His Lordship. After the mass, the formator of the CFCI – Singles & Youth spoke on the theme ‘Pavitrata Mein Khushi‘ and then declared the conference open.

The games and activities organised by Darrel and Alysia kept us thoroughly entertained. With our focus on God, we then listened to Levin Gomes deliver the first talk on ‘Pavitra Bano Kyunki Main Pavitra Hoon‘. We were given a step by step understanding of Growth in Holiness with the aid of skits. After an amazing session we came to the end of day one.

We began the second day by asking our Mother Mary for Her intercession as we recited the Rosary together with Christ Kujur & Premsila Guria. This was followed by Dinus Mundu’s talk on ‘Pavitrata Mein Badhaiyan‘ which dealt with bondages in our lives and the ways to overcome them. We then spent time in prayerful silence before the exposed Blessed Sacrament wherein we also prepared for confessions. The Sacrament of Reconciliation was a wonderful experience for many youth. This was followed by everyone’s wholehearted participation in the Holy Mass.

Anugrah Ka Naksha‘ was the third session in which Amulya spoke about Growth in God’s Path and the ways to achieve it. This was testified by Alysia wherein she spoke on how she personally grew in holiness through Bible reading, confession, daily Mass, adoration, etc. The final session ‘Pavitra Jeevan Mein Laagu Karna‘ was given by Mary Barla wherein she shared her life and her own journey towards holiness.

‘We are the chosen people of God’

emphasised our Country Servant Tito A. V. Jose as he spoke about the plan for our life, the people and the community as a whole. After Tito’s enlightening words, we headed for dinner and then ended the day with a prayer session led by the youth.

The final day began with the recitation of the rosary followed by Praise & Worship. Kelvin Castelino then organised an activity which taught us about thanksgiving, prayer, intercession and forgiveness. Tito A. V. Jose then encouraged the youth to surrender one of their valuable years to God to serve Him unconditionally.

Adoration was next, which prepared us for the praying over wherein we received His anointing. Holy Eucharist was then celebrated and this was followed by the closing ceremony and thanksgiving. The Conference ended on a high with the Praise Fest.

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