“We must often remember what Christ said, that not he who begins, but he that perseveres to the end, shall be saved”. ~ St. Philip Neri

A few couples from the Caranzalem chapter identified some families through the St. Vincent de Paul society who were below poverty line and were struggling with their lives. The interests of one such family were taken care of by our household.

We helped them with their financial needs every month. The Household servant took charge of assigning one couple every Sunday to visit them and provide them withal the basic necessities. On a personal note, since the head of the family was an alcoholic, we decided to help him in this area first.

We began by introducing him to the Alcoholic Anonymous group of Taleigao church.

Every Sunday, one couple would volunteer to take him and his wife for the meetings, and we made it a point to ensure that he attended them regularly.

Every couple from our household took turns in doing this work. There was a lot of resistance from the husband but with prayers and persistence we managed to continue for a few months. Gradually however, the couples as well as the household servant began losing interest and patience with this man and his family. All but one couple gave up what we had begun. This couple continued to support the family not only physically and financially but also spiritually by regularly praying for them.

After a few months, this couple managed to send the man and his wife for a retreat to the Divine retreat centre in Kerala, by sponsoring their entire trip. The retreat made a huge difference in their lives. They started spending time in prayer regularly and their relationship with God began growing. Adoration became a part of their routine. Gradually, his relationship with his wife improved as well. He continued going for the AA meetings and completed their 90 day requirement.

During this period his wife lost her job, however we managed to get her a new one.
Currently there is peace at home and there are no fights. His son is also studying well and in the 9th standard. His wife has joined the CFCI community and attends meetings regularly. As a household our faith was renewed. Now we have begun praying earnestly for this family and we continue to support them whenever required.
We hope that with our continued prayers, that he too will join the community soon.

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3 Responses to Perseverance

  1. wow this is really amazing. it usually take one to move ahead and the rest will follow. like at a traffic signal one to break the red light or jump the signal and the rest will follow…..we need more people in our community to be examples and no one can stop the miracles from happening and we witnessing them. praise the Lord for your household and spl the couple who continued rather persevered. Awesome and this has really given me food for thought and some action too.

  2. Beautiful sharing Melfee, This is our faith in action- making a difference in peoples lives. Let us praise God for His faithfulness.

  3. God bless you and your household Melfee.. May He give you the strength and grace to persevere in all the good work you are doing in His Kingdom!