My Plan v/s God’s Plan

“When God steps in, miracles happen”

I have been blessed with many miracles in my life, but will share one important one.

My family has always given God the first priority. Although, I cannot say the same about myself, since my decisions have been anything but God centred. Since my younger day’s, I have been anxious about my future course of action with regard to my education and career. After my 10th grade board exams, I took up commerce and simultaneously began attending Chartered Accountancy (CA) coaching classes. All this was done on my own accord without asking God about His plan for my life and without praying about it. I answered the CA entrance exam. However I failed and hence I was very upset and I held God responsible for my failure and blamed Him for it. I gave it another try but I failed yet again. So then ‘MY PLAN‘ pursuing CA was shattered and my career derailed. After sometime I came to the realisation that I did all this on my own accord and did not involve God in my decisions at all. So thereafter, I decided to surrender all my decisions to God.

After my 12th grade board exams, I took up B.Com and towards the end of the 2nd year I started thinking about my future again. I did a bit of research and decided to pursue MBA. This time I surrendered my plans and dreams to God. I prepared for the exams by attending coaching classes and I also applied in 4 colleges in South India for MBA. I wrote my entrance exams and I scored 51% in XAT and 74% in CAT.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get through the cut-off of GIM College in Goa. So I had 3 colleges left – LIBA in Chennai, SDMIMD in Mysore and XIME in Bangalore. Then came the dates for the interview. Fortunately or unfortunately, the dates for XIME and SDMIMD coincided, so I decided to drop SDMIMD from my choices. Now I was left with two options and deep in my heart, I wanted to go to LIBA and the interview at LIBA was scheduled a week before the XIME interview. I attended the interview and it went on well. After a few weeks, I saw that the reviews of the XIME College were bad and so I had to drop that college too.

Now, I was left with a single option-LIBA. Many people advised me that it was risky to apply to only one college as it is very difficult to get through since so many people apply for it. But God knew my heart’s desire and I had surrendered my decision to Him and I prayed for it regularly. After a few days, the college website flashed the news, that the results were out, but I did not receive any mail. I was very worried about my selection and I asked everyone to pray for me. Finally, my agonising wait was over, I got the acceptance letter which specified my admission into the college. I was thrilled and elated. Everybody was so happy for me. I thanked God for showing me the way and helping me realize that giving Him the first place in my life can prove miraculous.


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One Response to My Plan v/s God’s Plan

  1. Andrea… wonderful. Praise God.
    Wish you all the best. May you always be guided by the Spirit of our Lord.