Porvorim: Covenant Day

CFCI Porvorim chapter meeting was held on the 18th august, 2014 at the Holy Family church hall where the Singles gathered up to receive the ‘Commitment’.
The meeting began with a talk by Tito Anthony on “Commitment to Christ and the Community“, followed by a praise and worship session.

Following this, all the Singles were asked to step up to the centre of the hall and Commitment vows were read out by Tito Orlando, to which all the Singles responded with an enthusiastic “I do“.

Then the Singles were asked to sign on a paper enlisting all the vows and were warmly welcomed by Tito Ehlrich and Tita Suzette into the community with a welcome song sung by the Couples. This Commitment has taken place for the first time in Porvorim. It was taken only by those who had completed the COP and DOP.

The Commitment the Singles received is a Commitment to a time of prayer, bible reading, rosary etc, a Commitment to be a true disciple of Jesus, a Commitment to evangelize, a Commitment to serve at community programs and last but not the least, a Commitment to allow their household servant/formator to hold them accountable with regard to their spiritual life.

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