Power of the Holy Rosary

Today, many view the rosary as monotonous, but I have experienced it as renewal for an indifferent heart and a guide for a fruitful life.

In my younger days, I was indifferent towards the sacred mysteries. Every time my family would gather for the rosary, I would feel hungry or sleepy or sometimes both. My mother almost always gave in. During my college days, I kept hearing more about Mama Mary and the rosary. I once tried reciting the entire rosary and it felt pretty good. But I knew if I had to do this every day, it would get monotonous.

However, when I actually tried doing it daily, it was just the opposite. My 15 minute rosary time gradually increased to 1 hour and more importantly, I started using it to unknowingly pray for others. Soon, I began saying 3 rosaries a day and it gave me much strength. As Ven. Fulton Sheen said, “The power of the rosary is beyond description.

In the year 1214, Our Lady appeared to St. Dominic, proclaiming the rosary to be the cornerstone of the New Testament. The entire plan for the salvation of mankind began with the annunciation by angel Gabriel

Rejoice full of grace, the Lord is with you.
~ Luke 1:28

Mary responded to this incomplete submission and she became the new Eve to undo the wrongs committed by the old Eve and to restore the world which was previously plunged into the darkness of sin. Mary is the way to Jesus. Every time we recite the rosary, we are claiming a better place for ourselves and inching closer to salvation. Saying the rosary means gaining grace in this life and glory in the next.

St. Louis Montfort’s writings speak of the rosary as a battering ram. This instrument is a heavy beam that is used to ram against a door in order to weaken it and eventually break it down. Saying the rosary daily weakens the forces of the evil one. The demons have been forced to confess how the rosary affects them and during many exorcism sessions, they reveal that every Hail Mary is like a blow to Satan’s head. In my life too, the rosary is always very handy every time I am tempted. It surrounds me with an aura of peace and holiness.

Many of the saints were devoted to Mary and have confirmed the power of the holy rosary. With the increasing turmoil in society today as well as political unrest, financial crisis, addictions and degrading family life, the rosary is the source of grace for these times. St. Padre Pio once said,

“The Rosary is the ‘weapon’ for our times.”

Without wasting much time, let’s look for those beads we have stashed away because they were old- fashioned and let us begin meditating on the Madonna.

Praying the rosary as intercession for others is a great calling. When I realized my role as an intercessor, I knew how much I needed to pray the rosary. I wake up early every morning to say my personal rosary and intercede for others and I have seen the fruit of this devotion in their lives.

With this prayer- simple yet so powerful, may we faithfully contemplate on the sacred mysteries and wait upon our Mother to gain merits for us through her beloved son.

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