Praise be to Our Almighty Emmanuel

Jesus was there when I was operated on 18/6/16 boldly

Effusing all with His grace and mercy touching and healing cells in my body

Sustaining me, my family, community and mission Africa through the time of this tough test of faith

Using you my brothers and sisters in prayer, service and loving sacrifices, satan’s evil plans to abate

Savior, Redeemer, King and Friend He truly is, a faithful shepherd potter and almighty God

Lovingly He cared for me through His word, His body and blood and the Church His bride

Overwhelming me with his timely help from dear Dr Jean Louis, my hospital care group and my sweet doting family in whom I pride

Remodeling e through three months of tiny sufferings of the recovery process with zest

Daring me to trust, obey and zealously server Him, even from my bed, home and hospital stays at best

Thanks a lot my dear ones for walking with me so encouragingly through this joyful journey. With me I am sure you have also experienced His power, His mercy and His glory.

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