Praise Evening

Despite singing to a large audience in the past and being part metal band, the high in my singing career was singing for God at the ‘Praise Evening’.
December 4, 2011 will always be a day to reckon with while I sang for my Lord. In Go’s presence, I filled with joy, pride and above all felt a healing touch from heaven as my confidence took a new high. Words like, “you are a blessing and light for the CFCI Singles” and watching people join-in and praise God was simply amazing. Never want to miss out,  on an opportunity to sing for my Lord.
I thank God for who attended the ‘Praise Evening’, the band members and my lovely sisters who sang along with me. Thank you Jesus who your supported and guidance. Praise the lord!!

Akson Almeida

It’s amazing for the community of CFCI to see the Youth and Singles work together to form a band at the ‘Praise Evening’. The spirit of God was moving in the hall that day during praise, worship and adoration.

I was overjoyed as I praised God and worshiped him not just because he had worked incredible things for me throughout the year but mainly because I had the opportunity to express this joy with my CFCI family. I experienced joy while praising God together. I praise God for being an inspiration to the members of the band.

Amulya Rodrigues

Praise Evening by Mangalore CFCI Singles & Youth was a beautiful experience in my life. Music Ministry was indeed a blessing to me. Our Mighty God was always present amongst us at all times during practices.

The More You Honour Me, The More I Will Bless You”, says the Lord, to which the ‘Praise Evening’ was a witness. I could feel the spirit moving within me during Praise Fest. The presence of the Holy Spirit brought a sense of happiness within me, making me understand that God is present as I take on every obstacle in life.

All of us were blessed to be a part of the Praise fest.  The moment we surrendered ourselves to God and testified Him, God raised us up in His arms. Our God is an awesome God and I am very elated to be in His ministry.

Lydia Cutinha

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