Prayer for the Lords return

Come Lord! return to us,
hear our sorrowful cries from this wilderness;
feel our thirst, and have Mercy upon us,
return to us, come and blot out all wickedness,
replacing it by Love,

Song is sung by Michelle D’souza & Brian Colaco

Praying Hands

On October 10, 1988, this prayer was dictated by Jesus to Vassula.
I love you, daughter, for this faith you are giving Me; do not worry, lean on Me and listen to My Heart, this Heart which seeks you all and loves you but that many condemn; daughter, pray often to Me to give you My Strength; I will always give you My Strength; pray together with Me this prayer, a prayer for My Return

and to this prayer, you will hear Me answer you that I, who am Love, will return to you as Love; be patient, My beloved ones, just for a little while longer and I will return to you;

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