Restless Heart

So suddenly I’m ere again where I was once
Stuck in the middle of the rain
Not wanting to go forward,
Not wanting to step back…

Like a river … still …. Yet … on the move.

And suddenly there appears
Something that I thought would never exist
Among the crowd,
One of the lot
Something common, yet so different.

And so I wish I could have it
But stayed back and avoided
Not knowing when I would drift away.

Too long have I waited
Too long have I cried
The devil is prowling around me
But O Lord, I know for me you died.

Feel like a rock on the tip of a mountain
Shaking to and fro
Will I stay up or fall down,
Not knowing which way to go

Oh restless heart of mine,
know the one who says,
Be still and know that I am God
And together let our hearts ablaze.

And then my spirit cries within
Making me feel, once more brave
Reminding me,
We were made to keep the faith
Until our souls are saved.

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