Rise Up

The Couples for Christ India – Youth (Margao) intake camp was held at Don Bosco, Benaulim, from the 10th to 12th May 2019. The camp theme – ‘Rise up’ was based on

“Take action, for it is your duty, and we are with you, be strong and do it.”
~ Ezra 10:4

The three-day camp began with a total of 57 registered participants and the service team swaying to a number of action songs of which, ‘We Are the Free’ and ‘Pharaoh Pharaoh’ got them on their feet right from the beginning! The icebreakers made it easier for everyone to acquaint with each other and made the atmosphere a little more comfortable.

Besides gospel music, the crux of the programme was mainly the teachings followed by activities and exciting games. The first session given by Carrie Rodrigues spoke about God’s love and His plan for us, which gave the participants a better view of the benefits that are reaped when we turn to God and respond to His call. The second session ‘Who is Jesus Christ to us’, threw light on how Jesus Christ is perceived by people around the world. Every session was followed by a group discussion(GD) where the participants broke up into groups, guided by their respective GD heads, who encouraged them to share how God was working in their lives.

To end the day on a fun note, an entertainment night was organized for the participants which truly helped in building bonds amongst them.

The inner healing time that followed the third session about repentance, faith, healing and forgiveness, enabled the participants to look deep within their lives and open up their hearts and minds in surrender to God. In addition, many of them felt light and burden-free after a fruitful confession. Simultaneously, a time of one to one’s was conducted, where the group heads got to know the participants on a deeper and more personal level, which was initiated in an environment of mutual sharing and support.

The Infilling session held on the second day allowed the participants to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and many experienced comfort and healing. On the last day they were guided in writing letters to their parents, acknowledging, appreciating and thanking them for everything.

The camp wound up on a real high note, with some exciting water games and the participants seen enjoying themselves tremendously. Their parents were invited to join in the final Eucharistic celebration, followed by an amazing Praise fest which saw everyone energetically sing, dance and praise God!

The camp proved to be an enriching experience for everyone and it certainly paved the way in order to follow the path of Christ, our Lord!

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