Royalty and loving it

Camp at Mumbai

The Kids Village! Where do I begin!? The Kids Village was fit for Royalty! And Royalty attended the Kids Village. It was a beautiful celebration of God’s perfection in our lives. ‘Come, Just As You Are’ was the official name of the Village. However, as we started working on the content, we realized we must come just as we are, and when we realize the plan of God and why He created us, we will each be convinced that ‘I am Royalty!’

I’m always overwhelmed at the sheer number of Youth, Singles and Couples willing to serve the kids. Whatever might be the reason, they come with big smiles and lots of love. Planning the Kids Village in Goa was a wonderful experience. There were moments of desperation and confusion, elation and tremendous joy. We worked together as a team, some from Mumbai, most from Goa and even from Mangalore, not for one minute different from the others, all working with one heart and
one mindset for God.

Camp at Bangalore

We received tremendous help right from the preparation of theme, concept, and content right down to the actual execution of all that we had prepared for. This included all the nitty-gritties of the program like lights, registration, the songs, the backdrop, the kit, logistics, photography, preparation of badges and buttons, t-shirts, bags and the music and dance ministry which our dedicated Youth and Couples courageously executed to perfection. The kids caught on soon to the fascinating actions and energy and the entire room, from the 2 year olds to the 62 year olds was aglow with Christ’s presence. We were also blessed to have a brother from the Singles in Margao who provided sound for free. Our kit, although it arrived in many parts, all got here in time! Since our supply from Mumbai was well coordinated.

Camp at Pune

We, as a team, had many laughs, a few (one or two) tears, lots of food, and many deep heart stirring soul searching conversations. We realized that we really need each other; we can’t do it all alone. We all have big plans for the kids. We have wonderful formators, we have perfect beautiful children and we have Jesus who is grace in our need. Serving the kids is an opportunity for the entire community to come together and that just doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, it takes persistence, and it takes a great love for the young souls waiting to be formed. One of many couples who’ve understood this call and have been our constant support is Cedric and Sarita Carvalho. They never gave up, even after all the kids in the chapter grew up and moved on to the youth segment, they went out and shared the message of Jesus’ love for the little children in the parish.

Many dreams and plans! We believe this is just the beginning and it’s going to be absolutely out of this world! God made you and God made me, to be His family. Jesus made you and me Royalty.

Workshop by Raynol

Camp at Goa

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