Do you know what your heavenly Father looks like?
Do you know what being saved feels like?

But sure do know!
What an Ice-Cream feels like?… Creamy.. Yummy.. Colorful.. Cold.. Sweet..

You and I are human beings and we need to experience things with our senses, to truly know what that thing is.

Now God, he wants you to know Him, but you cant SEE Him, nor TOUCH Him, nor FEEL Him..
Now how was God going to give you a concrete experience of Him?

and that is why He instituted SACRAMENTS.

Now what is Sacraments?
It is the means of making visible the invisible
And if that is the case,
then what was God trying to do, when he instituted the sacrament of Matrimony?
What heavenly mystery was he trying to make visible?

Why did God institute the sacrament of Matrimony?

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