Safe in His hands

When I was young I always heard about miracles and I’ve also been blessed to have experienced many in my life. However, the most wonderful miracle that I experienced was when Dad was in the hospital. Whenever I remember that day, it brings tears to my eyes not only because of the pain that I saw my Dad going through, but it also reminds me of the blessing that God has showered on my family.

I remember the day my Dad was admitted to hospital, the doctors telling us that they were not sure of how long my Dad was going to live. It was a very difficult situation for all of us, but we trusted God, we knew He would be there through all the pain.

I remember feeling like my Dad was going away from us, the doctors were losing hope. I spoke to my friend who messaged everyone in CFCI to pray for my Dad. Everyone everywhere was praying for him, but nothing was working; I could just see my Dad slipping away and his words, “Take care of Mom.”

I spoke to Aunty Jenny, one of the CFCI members regarding my Dad and she kept telling me to trust, but nothing was happening. Finally I was told that I needed to surrender my Dad to God because He knows what’s best for him. Somehow to me, surrendering meant indirectly telling God that I didn’t mind Him taking my Dad away from me. So reluctantly, with the help of people around me, I surrendered my Dad to God and prayed that His Will be done.

One of my friends gave me this prayer which strengthened my trust in God.

“Dear God, this daughter of yours is standing at your feet with tears in her eyes to tell you that the hero of my life needs your merciful hands which stretched so much. For the world you died, for me you’re still alive. Oh doctor of doctors, I come to you with tears in my eyes and pain in my heart, but more than that, I come with faith to you. Oh healer who will make him well, I trust in you more than anyone. Don’t prove me wrong, instead make me strong, make your sad daughter glad by healing my sweet Dad.”

Finally His Will prevailed. My Dad began recovering. It was taking time, but we could see the changes in him. But that was not the end, problems persisted and Dad began thinking he was a burden and didn’t want to live. However, we weren’t perturbed but rather continued trusting God and right enough, He didn’t let us down, He got us out of this situation.

Another problem then presented itself. The doctors told us to arrange for a machine that my Dad could use on being discharged. It was difficult to tell Dad that this was going to be lifelong. However, again God worked and Dad was ok with using the machine. The doctors first said it had to be used for 12 hours, after a few weeks, it reduced to eight hours and now it is three hours in the afternoon and three hours at night. And if you meet him now, you wouldn’t even guess that he was so serious a few weeks back. This incident has taught me many things like trusting God and having intense faith in him. I’ve also learnt that God has a plan for us, and everything happens as per His plan. God works wonders in our lives when we surrender our all to Him.

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