When the Saints go marching

The Annual Kids Camp, an evangelistic activity by the members of Couples for Christ India (CFCI) was organised by the Calangute Chapter. This year’s CFCI Kids Camp was held over four days from 28th to the 31st of May 2017, and the theme chosen ‘When the Saints Go Marching‘ was in line with the theme of the monthly CFCI Kids meetings.

On the first day, a lot of kids walked in with smiling faces for registration, accompanied by their happy parents as they were glad to send their kids every year for the Kid’s Camp. A total number of thirty one kids were registered for the camp.

The camp started off by praising and thanking God through song and dance, followed by Tito Chris welcoming the kids to the camp. Tita Patricia, the CFCI Kids formator then gave a session on the lives of the saints and how they could be an example to all the kids to work towards becoming little saints themselves. Later, Melanie spoke about the life of St. Teresa of Kolkata, who was the saint for the day. As an activity, the younger kids helped to colour a quote by Mother Teresa, while the older ones wrote a prayer. After a hearty snack, the kids had a wonderful time playing games and by noon their parents came by to collect them.

The second day witnessed the early birds making friends quickly with the other kids in their teams, as well as with their team leaders. Nadine threw light on the saint for the day, St. Jose Vaz, followed by an activity, which involved colouring of a quote by the saint. After the snacks were distributed, the games began again. On the third day, the kids learnt about the life of the well-known St. Francis Xavier, also known as Goencho Saib, which was taken up at length by Natalie. After the session, the kids got busy using their artistic talents to decorate another quote and put the finishing touches to the previous days’ work.

Amidst a lot of singing, dancing and games, the kids made the camp a memory they would long cherish. Before they left for the day, Tito Chris took the opportunity to thank their parents and revealed the surprise that was in store for the next day. The surprise was an outdoor activity where the children got a chance to visit Saint Mary’s Heaven, an old age home and be little saints for others.

The next day the kids arrived at the old age home, where the sisters in charge and the inmates welcomed them and they all marched inside singing happily ‘Oh, When the Saints Go Marching In‘. The clapping, dancing and singing went on for almost half an hour and as they settled down, the kids offered biscuits and cake to the sisters for all the inmates. Besides that, the kids had carried their own gifts for the inmates in the form of cards and biscuit packets. Some of the kids brought nail polish, nail clippers, nail files and hair brushes for the ladies in the home. The whole place was filled with excited chatter and laughter. But alas! The kids were time bound and parted with heartfelt goodbyes after taking photographs with the inmates, which they will always cherish.

This Kids Camp was a blessing to the CFCI community of Calangute because it became a launch for the CFCI Youth. Some members from the Kids group and some of the youth decided that they would like to come together and form a group, hence the CFCI Youth ministry was suggested to them. Through prayer and God’s grace, this group’s as well as the kid’s desire to be little saints will be sustained.

Praise the Lord!

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