Saved with Amazing Grace

I was told there aren’t any like you left,
Holiness is drained,
Hell on earth has already reigned,
Soon we will all be slain,
But before that happens,
Come make merry with us,
Of what has remained.

While my body was with desires plagued,
My soul for spiritual nourishment craved,
There was a fight within me,
While my heart said *#YOLO;
Make every experience count,
Live your life for you are free.
My soul replied **#YODO;
In death you’ll for all your deeds you’ll give account,
May the almighty in heaven you see.

My body was worn,
And my soul torn,
I thought I would die alone,
But he, who moves the whole world, had for me a different plan.

Like a vine was I stretched,
And then when my body in pain ached,
He planned to have his name on my heart etched,
I was from my throne of glory thrown,
And then when I was humble, a new path to me was shown;

I met sinners, I met the fallen,
Who craved to be holy,
While the world around pleasures and pain revolve,
They desired in his paths to evolve,
God’s children were they and his they wished to be wholly,
And as in their path, I abided,
I for once knew what love was,
What joy and peace was,
What contentment was,
Yes indeed, with amazing grace was I saved.

*#YOLO: You Only Live Once
**#YODO: You Only Die Once

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