School of Discipleship – 2015


The newly covenanted Couples and Singles of Couples for Christ India (CFCI), Bangalore came away from their hectic schedule and attended the School of Discipleship, a nine days in-house discipleship programme, from April 24-May 3, 2015 at Snehadaan, Bangalore.

With the theme,

‘Seek first the kingdom of God’

from Mathew 6:33, the school turned out to be, not just a place of transforming people into true disciples for Christ but also a place of fun, bonding and sharing of lives as one big family.



The students were formally welcomed by Jimmy Xavier, the chapter servant of Bangalore and then were led into worship by the Bangalore Music Ministry.

The first session of the day was on ‘Sexuality‘ by Victor Babu, a missionary from Praise Covenant community, Bangalore. The session was an eye opener for many as they learnt on the true purpose of sex and the fruit of it. It also helped the singles to reflect on how good they are as a gift for their future spouse.

On the second day, Victor shed some light on the different temptations people struggle with and how should one overcome it while his wife Shilpa spoke on sexual abuse and healing. The couple ended their sessions by ministering in the chapel.


It was a new day, and the excitement was soaring high as the students were introduced to a new speaker, Benjamin Gonzaga, fondly called as uncle Benji, a prominent preacher from Chennai.

The students were given a deep understanding on the charisms of the Holy Spirit and how to use it and also on the various aspects of ‘Prophecy and Visions‘.

The most exciting part of the day was when the students underwent the gift of ‘Word of knowledge‘ workshop. The students were seen praying over each other and operate the gift under the supervision of the preacher. Many received the gifts of tongues, prophecy and word of knowledge and were thrilled to use it for the glory of God.

The next day was further remarkable as it was an opportunity for the students to gain knowledge on the ‘Gifts of Healing‘ and ‘Discernment of Spirits‘. Another topic that enthralled the listeners was that of ‘Deliverance’, as it prepared them for this ministry. Benjamin said,

“Deliverance is a most challenging and necessary ministry, that has to be handled by the right people”.

Meanwhile, the household servants started their one to one’s with their group members.


The whole debate on the existence of the Kingdom of God and satan was edified further as Christopher Correya from Light of Christ Covenant community, Bangalore was invited to speak on, ‘Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance‘.

Christopher who comes with massive years of experience in the ministry of deliverance spoke about the six stages of spiritual affliction and six spiritual weapons in detail. He said that God has given everybody the authority to drive out demons but that doesn’t mean anyone can perform this act.

“One should be free from blocks such as unforgiveness, repentance and inner healing to perform this act,”

he stated.

After a reverberating worship, the students were ministered in the chapel. One truly experienced the power of God as many were slain in the spirit as Christopher laid his hands and prayed over each and everyone.


If there is one ministry that people mostly ignore is that of ‘Intercession‘. John Xavier, a lay person, well known for his intercessory groups and evangelization in the Bangalore diocese, spoke on the ‘Power of Intercession’. He stated that God is relentlessly looking for intercessors and intercession is a prime duty in everyone’s life and not optional.

After which, the students divided themselves into two groups. While one group sat in the chapel and interceded for the sick people (Supported by the Camillians), the other group went and met these patients. The group was asked to evangelize these patients and pray for their healing, claiming the blood of Christ. The Couples and Singles also put up a great show of songs, dance, skit, magic show and many more, to entertain these people.


Tito Jose, the Country Servant of CFCI, addressed the gathering and spoke on the importance of evangelization. He asked everyone to get out of their comfort zone and say ‘Yes’ to missions. The students who responded to become true disciples for Christ were astounded to hear some of the experiences that Tito Jose faced in his journey of discipleship.


The next day, the students were introduced to a new teaching on ‘Dominus Iesus: Jesus Christ is Lord’ by Kim Xavier, formator of Singles, Bangalore. The students clarified all their doubts and confusions as regards to subjects like, Is Jesus unique? Are non-Christians religions salvific? Does Evangelization violate religious freedom? Etc. The day ended with the most beautiful Taize prayer, led by the Bangalore Music Ministry.


As every beginning has an end, the glorious nine days of school of discipleship that aimed at making true disciples for Christ too came to an end with the Eucharistic Celebration. The Eucharist was very special for CFCI missionaries, Gatcheussi William, Maria Laveena, Amulya Rodrigues from Bangalore and CFCI Couple Florence from Kolkata, as they were prayed over for a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit.

After a quick lunch, there were heartrending testimonies from everyone and the school was brought to a close with a happy picture.

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