Seek Good and not Evil

Seek good and not evil- so that you may live as good comes from God and He wants his children to be happy. Evil is from the devil and God says “Hate evil and love good”. Love and hate are powerful emotions . How does one do good. It is simply by being ‘just’ in every aspect of our lives.

  • Giving God his due worship
  • Respecting and accepting every person as a child of God
  • Fidelity to the spouse and responsible parenthood
  • Sharing equitably with the poor.

On the contrary being evil is being injust and doing the reverse of the above. It is depriving others of what God wants them to have, If we only learned how to truly share, there would be no one in need, thus no poverty.

God created a bountiful world, to be shared by His children.. But majority of people experience the bad and not the good. Such injustice is not committed by so called ‘bad people’ but by many seemingly good people of religious faith.

  • How do we treat our subordinates?
  • Are we human to the people who work in our homes?
  • Do we backbite?

What does the Lord say to such people – I hate , I spurn your feasts. (Read Amos 5:21-23a)
How many of us may be making an offering to God but He does not accept it? Do we not want our offering to be pleasing to God.

Read further at CFCFFL to know how we can make our offering be pleasing & acceptable to God..

About Frank Padilla

Founder of the Couples for Christ (CFC) community. Way back in 1981, CFC was started through the initiative of the Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon Community (LNP). In January 1981, LNP gathered 16 couples who went through a Life in the Spirit Seminar, with the intent of bringing them into LNP. But instead they were kept together for a few months after the program, until it was decided that a new group would be established to emphasize family life renewal. It would be an outreach of LNP. Frank and Gerry Padilla were among the 16 couples that became members in June of 1981 when CFC was born. Frank quickly emerged to be a top leader, and in 1985, he was already the Executive Director, running the day-to-day work of the whole community. In 1986 he went full-time for CFC and has been serving the community since, through two separate splits the community saw. Today he serves as the Servant General of CFC-FFL (Couples for Christ-Foundation for Family and Life). Know more about the founder at CFC-FFL

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