Seek ye first the Kingdom of God

Two years ago when I was in my final year of engineering, I was preparing for campus placements. Though I attended many interviews I didn’t make it through most of them. I didn’t lose hope and kept believing that God has something better for me. I prepared well for them and along with that I continued to have a consistent prayer time every day, visited the Blessed Sacrament and prayed the Rosary.

When after a few more attempts I was still not selected by any company I got frustrated. My belief that God has a way and a plan for me was fading. I assumed that my efforts weren’t enough and made up my mind to put in extra hours for preparation by taking out time from activities where I was spending most of my time which happened to be my prayer time, Rosary and attending CFCI meetings. Instead of these, I put in the time to prepare for aptitude tests, technical rounds and interviews. I did this for a month and cleared the written tests and group discussions. I was all set for the interviews and had to go through three rounds. Before each interview I said this short prayer

“Jesus if this job is not going to give me time to serve You then please do not give it to me”.

The interviews went smoothly and I felt I almost got the job until they announced the results – among the four candidates who made it to the final interview I was the only one who was not selected. I was heartbroken and with sadness, I returned to my hostel. I cried bitterly and blamed God for not giving me this job despite all the hours of hard work I had put in to prepare. I reflected on what went wrong and also discussed this with one of the community members. It was then that I realized that I had not given God the first place in my life during this month of preparation; instead, I had given that place to studies. I had relied on my own preparation and intelligence and not on His strength and wisdom. I decided to give God the first place that He deserves in my life. I got back to my prayer life the way it was before and spent time before the Blessed Sacrament.

Another company was about to come in about a months’ time for placements. Every student in the college aspired for this company and it had been my dream company ever since the first year of engineering. I brought this desire in prayer and with faith lifted it up in the Rosary every day to Mother Mary, asking her to offer it up to Jesus, and if it is His will to get me through. During the same month, many other companies had scheduled their interviews, of which I did not attend any because I felt God assure me that He would grant my heart’s desire as I continued to pray the Rosary daily with this intention. All my batch-mates called me I was being foolish and warned me how dangerous this could be – to wait only for one company and not attend other interviews, but I kept my faith in God and continued praying and preparing for it.

I was involved with the organizing committee for an upcoming college fest and just a day before the written test I found myself feeling very tired and drained out. I told Jesus

“Although I have prepared for it earlier, today I do not have the strength to prepare and revise for the test. You please answer this test through me”.

The test was difficult. The results were declared – out of the 72 students who gave the test only 6 were selected for further rounds and my name was on the sixth position! When I heard this I broke out in tears and thanked and praised God on my knees. After a week there were interviews and group discussion with another college since it was a pooled campus placement, and this meant more competition. This time I was reluctant to say the same prayer I had said before the last interview because I did not get that job. But I felt Mother Mary assure me of her prayers and so I told God that if this job wouldn’t give me the time to serve Him then I don’t want it. At the beginning of the group discussion, the interviewer asked us to introduce ourselves and mention one of our talents and I mentioned singing. After everyone gave their introduction, I was asked to stand and sing. I stood up, closed my eyes, and sang

“O Lord in the depth of my soul”.

All the other candidates stared at me as they had little clue about what I was singing. I felt it was a prayerful start for the group discussion and I aced through the group discussion and all the rounds of interviews.

When the results were out I was the only one from my college who got selected by this company! Today I am happily working for Microsoft. I am grateful to God for the abundant blessings that He has showered on me and my family. To conclude I would encourage everyone to give God the first place in all that we do, rely on His strength alone, pray the Rosary with faith seeking the intercession of our Heavenly Mother and desire His will to be done in our life.

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