Servant Orientation Program

“We are heralds of God’s Kingdom.”

The Colour Exercise gave us insights as to how each and every person in this world is ‘Unique and Special’. The Johari Window helped us ‘Discover Ourselves’.
The Gifting tool made us aware of our gifts.
The SOP was a means for our correction and recommitment to Christ and a confirmation that CFCI is not just another prayer group, but is a ‘Way of Life’. The venue and menu blended well with the program content and added meaning to the SOP.

Augustine & Patsy Xavier – Pune

The SOP program conducted by Prajwal, Giselle & Savio was very enriching. We were looking forward to something, to awaken and renew our spirits. Topics like how CFCI is today and where we stand were highlighted in depth. An eye-opener during the Johari Window helped us to understand our innermost feelings, where we understood the weak and strong areas of our personality. How can we make changes in our life pertaining to our weak areas? What support can we ask for, from our leaders to overcome these barriers? The questionnaire on how we view our community also gave us an insight into the needs of the people. The theme ‘Cross-Over’ helped us to renew our lives, by returning our call to: Find and live out our identity in Christ, Be holy and strive for Christian perfection, Live out our call to Christ and Not depend on ourselves but only on Christ.

The last session: Gift assessment tool was very interesting; it gave us the exact role that we should be playing in our community. For example, we never knew that our calling was for evangelization or for creative service. Overall, the sessions were very good and helped us to return home with renewed spirits.

Jacintha Fernandes – Pune

I attended the SOP, not having even the faintest idea of what it was going to be. I must say that the SOP was a reviving and rejuvenating experience which drew me closer to God, who is so unconditional and merciful in His love to His children. The testing tools were very effective. They introduced ‘me’ to ‘myself’ i.e. my strengths and my weaknesses.

The experience of the SOP was a very informative and an enriching one. My Lord has carved my name on the palms of His Holy and precious hands. I want to stand on the mountain top and tell the world to ‘Taste the Lord to feel his goodness’. At the end of the program, I made a silent prayer.
I said, “Jesus, Master, I have a heart that loves you and it desires to work in your vineyard and I am sure that you will make a way for me”.

Manju Roberts – Pune

“The program started with a question, “Are we ready for change and growth in CFC?” teachings were very informative, especially regarding household meetings. An exercise enabled us to know our gifts and in what way we are called to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. We suggest every member of CFCI must attend this programme.

Ignatius & Natty Pereira – Mumbai

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