Shoes of Readiness

Ephesians 6:15 ‘and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.’

The CFCI Kids, Bangalore monthly meeting was held on Nov 30th 2013. The agenda of the meeting was to make the kids get acquainted with the topic “Shoes of Readiness“.

We started with a small prayer. A presentation was shown to them with different kinds of shoes and they were asked to identify what each pair were used for. They learnt that the shoes of the gospel of peace meant that they should be prepared at all times to spread the Good News.

A number of activities were planned for the kids to make them feel more comfortable and familiar with the topic. One of them was the shoe relay game conducted by Amulya. The kids had to put on large pair of shoes and walk across the hall. She then explained that we need to equip ourselves with the right shoes which are to read and understand the Gospel before we can tell our friends about it.

It was then followed by a role play on the story of Paul and Silas. The children themselves played the roles of Paul, Silas, the jailer, prisoners and the crowd. Amanda coordinated and helped them to enact. She then told them how Paul and Silas were excited to tell everyone about God’s love and how God used them to bring the jailer to Jesus and that we should always be ready just like them.

We then moved on to ‘Object Lessons’. Here Amulya demonstrated a candle experiment that explained how the worldly things conquer our life when we do not have Jesus in it and thereby we should always keep the light of Jesus alive in our lives by praying, obeying our parents, reading the Bible and so on. Next was an activity with books which stressed on the point that when we all work together to accomplish a common goal which is spreading the Gospel, it becomes much easier.

Clary then involved them in an activity with dominoes which emphasized the need to tell about Jesus to our friends. They in turn will share with others and thus we can spread the Gospel of peace to the entire world. This was followed by action songs taught by Joe, Amulya and Elvis.

The kids were given puzzles and crosswords for the final activity which focused on the shoes of the Gospel of Peace. The Spirit of the meeting was fulfilled as the little bundles of joy took home the message that they need to keep the light of Jesus in their life, read and understand the Gospel and always be prepared to spread the Good News by wearing the shoes of readiness.


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