Song of Joy, Song of Glory

I sing and dance for you lord
The everlasting one,
Your strength makes me bold
To face the obstacles when unfold.

When I am low and feel life s a pain
The joy of the lord makes me say,
Why to fear when god s near
His love for me always makes me cheer.

The brightness of life makes me smile
The birds sing your glory on high,
The oceans and seas flow with joyful gushes
Your power is spread over a thousand miles.

Colors of happiness is spread all over
Makes us want us to live a thousand more
But the reward that god has treasured
Is worth a million to adore.

I am born for a purpose
To bring healing and compassion,
With your hand lord on mine
I will fight every temptation.

So, life is not a test
But a path to goodness,
With Jesus by my side
Every test is on the way for it s best!!!!

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