Soul on Fire

The CFCI National Singles Conference with the theme “SOUL ON FIRE” was held from 19th -21st August 2016 at Old Goa. Singles from several states and cities across India such as Bangalore, Udupi, Mangalore, Mumbai, Pune, West Bengal, Assam, Gurgaon and Goa (Porvorim, Caranzalem, Santa Cruz and Margao chapters) participated in the conference.

“Faith”, the CFCI band from Goa led the three-day conference through praise and worship, helping the participants to come together in the presence of God.


The conference theme was shared through five different sessions, dealing in depth with how God has created man and how man needs to be more like him. The sessions helped each participant reflect and look into different areas of their lives, thus helping them identify the areas that needed a change.

Call to Holiness by Suzette de Sousa, spoke about holiness, which is striving towards perfect love for God and neighbour. The fruits that each person bears is a sign of his/her holiness, she explained.

Through the next session Jimmy Xavier spoke about how man has moved away from God’s call to holiness and started living a life that is contrary to his calling. He spoke of how man has moved from Godliness into worldly pleasures and thus brought upon himself a sinful nature.

Andrea Crasto, Beverly D’ Souza, Elton Andrade and Glen Rodrigues conducted workshops on the three lusts: the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life. Showing us the obstacles (Holes in Holiness) that hinder us from living lives that God has called us to.

The next session by Ehrlson de Sousa explained, how leaning on grace leads us to God’s will and helps us accomplish it. He spoke of how this grace can be acquired by being rooted in Christ, bearing fruit because of Christ and carrying the cross through the power of the spirit.

In the last and final session given by Kim Xavier, she made the participants ponder on the fact that Holiness is an everyday affair! She explained a way to evaluate faithfulness by looking at how faithful one has been to the covenant, i.e. relationship with God, relationship with family, community life and being a witness.

The conference was also a time of fun and laughter with games and spot prizes at play. All the singles were divided into clans of different saints, which led to the ‘clash of clans‘ wherein St. Joseph Vaz emerged victorious. The two stand out events of the conference were ‘walking the Word‘, a biblical fashion show depicting events/ scenes from the bible, won by the Porvorim chapter from Goa. The second event was ‘Catholic hero‘ which involve choosing the saint which best described and was significant to each chapter. Catholic hero was won by Caranzalem chapter from Goa.

Overall, the conference sent everyone home with a lot to think about, a lot to introspect, a lot to change and enough memories to last a life time.

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