Stress Busters: When it’s hard to Pray

The Holy Eucharist, the five decades of the rosary and an hour before the blessed sacrament give us the strength to face the day. But while all of us aspire to be perfect in these spiritual disciplines, there are always times when it’s hard to really kneel down and focus on the beads of the rosary or the daily readings.

Sounds familiar? To me it does. It was at times like this that I came up with the six stress busters that one can use when prayer is hard.

  1. Invoke the Help of a Saint.
    Have you ever come across those moments when you did something you feel awful about and are too guilty to pray?

    This is something that has at times worked for me. You could perhaps ask your favourite saint to intercede for you so you can receive the mercy you need to get your spiritual life back on track.

  2. Pray in Silence
    For most of us, prayer is talking to the Lord. But for all those times when you are unable to pray due to hurt, guilt or other such emotions, you need to know that merely acknowledging the presence of the Lord is a prayer in itself.

    Merely saying God loves me and He will take care of me will suffice at such times till you are up and ready to get down on your knees again.

  3. The Blessed Sacrament
    They say that the easiest form of prayer is to sit before the blessed sacrament. So, at times when you are not in the position to make a holy hour, all you have to do is sit before the Lord, for all the consolation you need till you are up and about again.
  4. Bible
    The Lectio Divina sure requires some effort. So, when you are down, merely reading the bible can be of great help. Having a favourite book in the bible can be very useful here. My personal favourite is the book of Sirach.
  5. Talk to a Priest
    Man is a social animal and sometimes the best way to find relief from your problems can be by sharing them especially with a priest or any religious. What better than sharing them with the representatives of God himself?

    In fact, it is here that you can receive all the spiritual direction and guidance that you need.

  6. Praise God
    They say the shortest prayers can be the sweetest. So, at times when you are not up for the entire rosary, a simple “praise God” can suffice.
  7. YouTube
    Yes, you heard that right. Social media can be a bane only when used in the wrong way.

    Social media is a blessing today. How? Well, sermons from some of the most powerful speakers like Father John Prince and Mario Joseph are just a click away.

    So, when you cannot make the long visit to the Divine Retreat Center at Potta, this is what you can resort to.

Prayer is the greatest power on earth. So, take time to pray. Say what you mean and mean what you say. And let the devil with his bad ways not succeed in stopping you from connecting with the Lord

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