Successful Christian

Success seems to be the process of going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.

– This famous quote by Winston Churchill has often been of great help when I have hit lows in my life. Everyone wants to be successful and this trend of thought is seen around in the world we live. This is seen by the choices made by people in their families, work, careers and lifestyle, but after giving it lots of thought and little bit of reading I have come up with a list of things one can do to be a Successful Christian.

  1. A successful Christian knows that God is top priority and is aware that prayer is not something that will routinely fit into his schedule.
  2. Successful Christian will have a ‘to – be’ list based on his calling and not on what the world says is recommended for a career or to earn well.
  3. Prayer is the most important meeting scheduled everyday and is to be approached with complete sincerity and honesty.
  4. Build relationships and bonds on a human level and supports others.
  5. A successful Christian will take risk and try to swim against the tide with his approach and style of working.
  6. Looks out for opportunity to compliment and praise others, having a sense of gratitude.
  7. Give other people credit for their work without trying to steal all limelight.
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  9. He may get upset but will quickly forgive others and start looking out for ways to repair the damage.
  10. Accept responsibility for failure and will not blame others for it.
  11. Set goals and develop plans to achieve them and will give 100% and more after a clear objective is set.
  12. Look to continuously learn and develop more, without having ‘I know it all’ attitude.
  13. A successful Christian will be an overflowing happiness machine. He will spread joy while working and will be a source of joy to all who work with him.
  14. Try to work within ways that are legal and morally right even though it is time consuming and costlier.
  15. Embrace change and will be willing to alter his ways to suit with the changing times, provided they do not violate Christian principles and teachings.
  16. Do a periodical check in all spheres of life to see if he/ she is still on track or needs to work on something.

God wants us all to be successful and happy, but to be successful He does not want us to compromise on our morals and principles that we stand for. Lets us take a moment to review where we are going in life and see if we truly are successful Christians?

About Bro. Kelvin Santis

Bro. Kelvin Santis is passionate about working with kids and young adults on topics of Spirituality and Religion. After being in the community of CFCI for 7 years and working as a Full Time Pastoral Worker for the community, he is currently studying to be ordained a priest for the archdiocese of Bombay at St. Pius X Seminary, Goregaon, Mumbai. Most of his writings are his self reflections and on the topic of Spirituality.

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