The act of surrendering makes us ponder on a lot of questions such as: Why do we surrender? When do we surrender? How do we surrender? Such questions could go on and on. I can firmly say that I have found answers to most of these questions.

From my childhood, until now, I have always been intrigued by science and technology. Moving forward, I am determined to take up this field as my career. But is it possible, if that’s not God’s will for my life? Definitely not. That’s where I found my answer to ‘when do I need to surrender’. When we get consumed by this materialistic world, we get caught up with various desires to fulfil our goals and dreams. God is our merciful father and He has a plan for us. Bowing down to God’s plan is the basic act of surrendering. He has a plan suiting our desire. If we pray and intercede for it with a humble heart, He will definitely pave the way towards the fulfilment of our dreams. What’s important is prayer, humility and steadfast love for our Creator.

Surrendering our lives should be part of our conversation with God. The Lord then takes control of our life. Allowing Him to direct us at every step makes us feel at ease. We will be content and will not experience stress. Let us not surrender only during our hard times but every single day of our lives. He created the day and night, He created the world; He created us. We need to lift up ourselves to our Creator constantly.

Prayer is the solution to all problems, Jesus is the answer to all our queries. Giving Christ our all shall happen when we are in constant touch with Him. This will happen only during our conversation with Him. Making Jesus a part of the seconds and minutes in our lives can happen only through prayer. This answers how we need to surrender.

There was a phase in my life that had kept me isolated. Relationships broke down and the pressure built up. Being interested in studies as well as extra-curricular activities, I seemed lost in the pressure. I broke down in a conversation with the Lord and asked Him to take control of my life. I surrendered my all to Him in prayer. That’s when I was filled with the courage to stand strong. God helped me overcome my weaknesses and replaced my sadness with joy. He stood by me to make me a joyful person yet again. I experienced the power of surrendering my all to the Lord at this juncture of my life.

Surrendering is indeed a difficult task but a possible one. Jesus is the alpha and the Omega: the beginning and the end. Our life begins with Him and ultimately rests in Him. Many times, we take up all the worry on our shoulders and don’t even realise that we are moving away from the Lord. God is merciful and loving; he forgives us and will embrace us. But being mature on our part is essential and Christ appreciates a humble heart. May we let Him take control of our life by surrendering our all to Him.

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