The Dentist’s Helping Hand

The days pass by in wonder,
It’s a mayhem of “drill and fill”,
But never have I stopped to ponder,
Over how marvelous is Your will.

I thank You Lord for everything,
Though not seen, You are always around,
You’ve blessed my hands with healing,
And my mind with understanding profound.
Helping Hand

Help me Lord to never be heedless,
Or insensitive to a patient’s pain,
Not to be lax, but serve eagerly,
Be patient, not fret and complain.

That I may meticulously assess the symptoms,
May my diagnosis always be precise,
That I may unceasingly strive for perfection,
From my mistakes, may I learn to be wise.

As I grip the drill, Your hand guides me,
Like a parent teaches a child to write,
You help me use my skill with discretion,
And work with all my heart and might.

I’m grateful for the colleagues in plenty,
For I can turn to them when in need,
They make the dullest days seem brighter
We are a crazy bunch indeed!

I thank you for my teachers and parents,
Bless them in a very special way,
They’ve inspired me to strive harder,
May I do them all proud someday.

Though I know the path is not easy,
Still before you O Lord I stand,
For my heart says You’ll always be ready,
To be the Dentist’s Helping Hand.

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