The Journey of Hope

Once a while, when everything was fine
They went on rides with a lot of pride
Today they hide and cry
When many of them die.

Man lived and believed in his own might
But little did he realise, that he wasn’t right
Today he’s struggling to fight
Pleading the Almighty, hoping everything will be alright.

Long back, when he was asked to Hope
He said why Hope? When I can cope
But today when everything is upside down
Hope is the one that helps us move on.

Cast a sight, Pain at every side.
Never knew it would reach that height.
Shattered Dreams, Scattered Teams
And Hope is all that prevails.

In this time of agony, I seek You meekly
Pour out Your mercy, though I am not worthy
I humbly acclaim Your glorious name
Reclaiming that I will change.

Even though it is dark, I continue to hope
For my strength comes from you, My Lord
With the Psalmist I shall sing, for You are my Hope
O Lord God, You’re my strength from my youth.

Ups and Downs, Boom or Trough
Part and parcel for us to grow
We need to go with the flow
As we Hope, at the end there’s a breakthrough.

Life is a beautiful journey
Need to enjoy it with a lot of energy.
Long or Short, Harsh or Sweet
Teaching us not to elope,
but HOPE.

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