The Purposes

COUPLES FOR CHRIST INDIA carries out its mission of family life renewal by helping its members to live a life of holiness, a life of discipleship, a life of service, a life of communion, and a life of mission. In doing so COUPLES FOR CHRIST INDIA fulfills its five purposes, namely to:

Honour God: God creates every human being for his pleasure and glory. We are thus created to honour God. COUPLES FOR CHRIST INDIA invites every member to live a life of holiness and offer the same as their spiritual worship. Our joyful worship is our response to the realization that God is our Father and that we are his sons and daughters, his heirs. This worship is the free and total surrender of our very selves, individually and as a community to God.

Emulate Christ: We believe that Christ, the New Adam, the first born came to show us how to live a life of fullness. He calls all to a life of discipleship to imitate him so that we might truly be his sacrament in the world, acting not according to human thinking or the dictates of human desires but rather according to the will of God. Following Jesus does not mean slavishly copying His life. It means making His choice of life one’s own. It means following the path He took, the Way of the Cross. It means seeing things as He sees them. COUPLES FOR CHRIST INDIA invites every member to submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, be obedient to His Word and yield to His Holy Spirit so that they may live as authentic disciples of Jesus committed to life and to working with the poor. Obedience demands that we listen to one another, not only to what the other is saying, but to what the other is. When we do so, we will like Christ neither dominate nor crush one another, but rather lead each other to freedom.

Act for Others: To love as Christ loves is to humbly lay down our lives for our brethren. We are called to do so by becoming servants of God, servants of God’s Word and servants of God’s people. We believe the greatest act of love is to offer the gospel of salvation to our brethren and learning to live in communion with them. But this calls for us to be the Good Samaritan reaching out and tending to the wounds of those who are suffering.

Relate Righteously: COUPLES FOR CHRIST INDIA is a gift of God given to every member that they may live in communion with God, his or her family and all covenanted brethren as a living sign of the Kingdom of God present in human society reflecting in their righteous relationships both God and His Church. This communion with God and among men, which it offers as an expression the Church through the merits of Jesus Christ, is God’s desire for all humans to enjoy.

Testify to Christ: COUPLES FOR CHRIST INDIA exists to proclaim Christ to all peoples. It seeks to lead each person to a life-changing encounter with Christ. The gospel we proclaim is a person, Jesus Christ, who is the Love of the Father, the Abundance of Life and the Sacrament of the Trinitarian Family. We seek to proclaim Christ by our example of Christian married love and family life, our defence of life from conception to natural death, our loving concern for the poor and the oppressed, our willingness to forgive our enemies and persecutors, our example of justice, truthfulness and solidarity in the workplace and our presence in public life[i]

[i] Benedict XVI, Letter to Stanislaw Cardinal Rylko on occasion of Congress of Asian Catholic Laity in Proclaiming Jesus Christ in Asia, August 31-September 5, 2010, Pontificium Consilium Pro Laicis, Vatican, 2011, p.20

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