The Spirit of Christmas (The Christmas Star)

As the season commences we hang up a bright shining star,
That recalls a tale when it was seen by both men, near and far.
When long ago and far away through the darkness, shone a ray,
In the city of Bethlehem that knew no night as bright as day.

In silent night, the star was seen by shepherds afar,
Light from the heavens, brighter than any other star,
As an indication by an angel, that appeared in their sight,
Of a child that lay in a manger, as it shone so bright.

The Shepherds saw angels sing praises to God most high,
Departed to seek a little babe, following the light in the sky,
Their sought hidden treasure, as foretold in the psalms,
A joy of no measure, as He lay peacefully in Mary’s arms.

Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar also followed the call
With treasures of Gold, frankincense, myrrh and all,
Whose wisdom knew it was a prophecy of a king’s birth,
Worshipped Him, as He became a king of heaven and earth.

The star that gently moved until its kindled light,
Shone down and made a manger cradle so bright,
Has become a ray of hope after two thousand years,
And has brought many smiles and wiped many tears,
As Christmas season’s blessings and greetings are spread,
In coloured ribbons and adornments of green and red.

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