The Stations of the Cross

The CFCI Bangalore Kid’s meeting for the month of March was held on 21 February 2015 at Our Lady of Sacred Heart’s (OLSH) church, Bangalore. Given the season of Lent, the theme of the meeting was ‘The Stations of the Cross’.

The meeting started with an activity called Paint me a Picture. The children were divided into four groups and each group was asked to paint a picture of a station of the cross by enacting and forming a still image of the station. The group that depicted the best picture won the game. This was repeated for each station of the cross. After every station, one of the group members came forward and read the station aloud as the rest of the children reflected on it.

The activity was followed by a quiz that checked the children’s understanding on the Stations of the Cross. This was followed by a brief explanation on why praying the Stations of the Cross was necessary. The children were educated on the fact that every time they pray and participate in the Stations of the Cross, they re-live the passion of Jesus; they remind themselves of what Jesus went through when he died for us on the cross. They were also taught that it will help them see Jesus in suffering that they see around them.

At the end, the children were encouraged to pray the Stations of the Cross at home, along with their parents.
The children were given activity sheets to be taken home to be worked on. This would enable them to delve more into the Stations of the Cross.

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