Thirst no more!

A Christian Life Seminar(CLS), held by Couples for Christ India – Singles, Chapter Margao began on 26th April 2017 and was themed ‘Jesus is the Living Water, thus thirst no more‘. The programme consisted of a three-module seminar, each module having three talks and was held every consecutive Wednesday.

The evening started off with an ice breaker activity where the participants were seen interacting with each other, learning a few names. The first session given by Elton Andrade on ‘God’s Love‘ spoke about how true happiness is a consequence of God’s love and was attended by 20 participants from in and around Margao as well as Loutolim, Chandor and Benaulim.

Every session followed a similar flow with the music ministry, a short Praise and Worship time followed by the talk and a life related sharing. The participants were guided into smaller groups for a group discussion(GD), each group led by a group discussion head(GD head), to discuss how they were touched by the talk. The GD heads were seen helping the participants realise and share how God was working in their lives.

The sessions on sin helped us to ponder on our lives and see in the areas we were weak. The inner healing session was a wonderful experience. It helped us to let go of our hurts right from conception till date. The session which touched me a lot is loving your neighbor. Mostly we look beyond in search of our neighbor when our neighbour can be just next to us, maybe a family member itself. The last module was a day’s programme, and then there was pray over.

12 members took the covenant and became a part of our CFCI family.

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One Response to Thirst no more!

  1. It’s been more than a year since I have been in the CFCI singles Margao. I was invited to it by my sister. It has played a major role in my life from making wonderful friends to building my relationship with God. I wanted my friends and brother to join me and experience Christ. This was my second CLS which I enjoyed along with my friends and brother. It reminded me a lot of the things which I had forgotten over the year. I also experienced an inner joy that I was able to serve the lord in the smallest way.