Personal Relationships

A stepwise process of forgiving others by the love of Christ

Forgiving others in our lives is very important for us despite the inner wounds that are caused by them. We are all created in the image and likeness of God, and he has created us to love others. The most significant example of forgiving one’s brothers is in the Old Testament when Joseph forgives his brothers even after they sold him into slavery to the Egyptians. (Genesis 45:1-15). When we are wronged, we can either respond by seeking revenge or we can choose to forgive. If we choose revenge, our lives will be consumed by anger, self-pity and hatred. When vengeance is sought, it still leaves one unsatisfied and empty for one cannot recover a lost friendship or relationship or a lost loved one. However, forgiveness allows us to shift our focus from an individual and move on. Eventually, it bestows us with inner peace within our hearts. Forgiving others is rewarding to the person who does so, and even to the one who receives forgiveness. It can also set a chain of positive events for him/her to do the same to others. Continue reading


MAD with Christ

Every Christian Life Seminar (CLS) is a fresh opportunity to spread the message of hope and make our Savior known to others. With this thought in mind, the members of CFCI Singles (Porvorim chapter) held their CLS at the Holy Cross Chapel Porvorim which began on 24th April 2018 titled, Make a Difference (MAD). It was indeed heartwarming to see singles attend in large numbers with a total of 42 registrations on the first evening. The atmosphere was a mixture of emotions with each person attending for a different reason; some out of curiosity, others out of excitement while still others looking for healing and a deeper relationship with God. Continue reading


Live Christ Share Christ – Priests Conference 2018

A ‘Priest Conference‘ on the theme of LIVE CHRIST SHARE CHRIST (LCSC) – which dwelt on evangelization and re-evangelization of families in order to empower them to become agents of evangelization, was held by the initiative of the Archbishop of Patna, CFCI and CFCFFL along with CCBI Family Commission at Patna at the Navjyoti retreat centre on 26th February which commenced at 4 pm and ended on 28th February with lunch.

The programme was attended by 80 priests which included priests from the dioceses of Hazaribagh, Betia, Kunti, Purnia, Raigarh, Jashpur, Patna, Bhagalpur, Buxar, and Asansol. Continue reading


Fools for Christ

Practiced what was Preached!

A Youth meeting at Mall the Goa? The formators were definitely losing it! It all seemed so ridiculous and farfetched!
Well it did happen as planned on 11th June and it would be remembered by the CFCI Youth of Porvorim as ‘The meeting at the mall‘. Continue reading