Priests – The Lord’s Anointed ones

Since the time of St. Peter, priests have been entrusted with the task of guiding the Church of Christ. But numerous sex scandals, countless deeds of misbehaviour and unholy living among priests has, on many occasions cast doubts on priests and the institution of priesthood itself. Many of us have lost faith in our priests.  We may have stopped going for mass or confession because we don’t like some priest or because we know that he indulges in certain bad habits or sins. We may also end up talking ill about our priests. Continue reading


All for Love

A Christian Life Seminar – All for Love – was organized by CFCI Bangalore for married couples from the 19th of May to the 21st of May, 2015. After a warm welcome, the ice was broken through a round of ‘Human Bingo’, organized by Biron and Andrea. On the following day, two sessions were held. Father heart of God was delivered by Gerard while his wife, Audrey testified to the same. Vinitha delivered ‘Work of the Cross‘ with a testimony by Gideon. The ‘Salvation Skit’ was then enacted by the CFCI Couples and Singles. Continue reading

Personal Relationships

Single Minded for God

Our life is a journey, we are pilgrim people and every journey and pilgrimage has a destination. So what is the destination that we are moving towards? We are familiar with the term ‘Kingdom of God’ and this kingdom is our final goal. Some commentaries say that the term ‘Kingdom of God’ appears 102 times in the gospels. It appears 99 times in the synoptic gospels and 90 of these references come from the mouth of Jesus. So, one thing we can surely conclude from this is that Jesus was pretty serious about the ‘Kingdom of God’. The real question is – are we serious about it?

We have all prayed the ‘Our Father’ and will easily recollect the line in it that says, ‘May your kingdom come’. I have been praying this prayer from my childhood and yet if one has to ask me what is the kingdom I would be tongue tied. The best answers I think which come to my mind are that the kingdom of God is love, joy and peace; the kingdom of God is where we would be in close communion with God. Is the kingdom just that? Continue reading


All Bangalore Singles Meet

Couples for Christ India (CFCI) – Bangalore held its first ever ‘All Bangalore Singles Meet’ on March 29th, 2015 at Our Lady of Sacred Heart Church, Belandur. It was truly a moment to cherish, as the CFCI singles both Indians and Africans took this grand occasion to know and familiarize with each other. Continue reading