Servant General

Call to Mission – Part Three

When Jesus began His mission, He trained the twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits and to cure illnesses. He also let them know that they had to fight the enemy in every step they took and that the real enemy was not poverty or injustice, but Satan. Continue reading

Servant General

Call to Mission – Part Two

During the time of Jesus’ public ministry He went around proclaiming the gospel, healing the sick etc. He touched their minds and bodies and taught them about the kingdom of God. God, out of His love and mercy sent His son who was moved with pity at the misery of His people. Continue reading

Servant General

The Call to Mission – Part One

“The harvest is abundant but the labourers are few” (Luke 10:2a).

This call was given by Jesus to be his disciples 2000 years ago and He still gives it to all of us. Today the harvest is plenty, but why are there so few labourers? Continue reading

Servant General

The Servant of the Lord

The reading from Isaiah 49:1-6 is very significant as it takes us back to our theme for the year 2011,

“My God is now my strength!” (Is 49:5d)

According to the eternal plan of God, we are destined to carry on our mission from the time we are in our mother’s womb.

God “formed (us) as his servant from the womb” (Is 49:5b).

Continue reading