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The Origin of the Rosary

One Sunday morning, as I was finalizing the content to share for youth catechesis, I felt the Lord telling me to share about his mother. Though initially reluctant to change the topic I had planned, I eventually gave in and shared about how Mary is the new Eve and the new ark of the covenant ahead of the feast of the Assumption. After some trying sessions with this batch of youth, I was feeling challenged to the point of questioning if it was really God’s plan for me to continue taking classes. But after sharing about Mother Mary that day, I found a turnaround in interest in the kid’s attitude to the classes and even my own enthusiasm to teach grew leaps and bounds. Continue reading


Mary, Our Mother

Someone who loves us unconditionally is our Mother Mary. Mama Mary is someone who won’t leave our side at any cost. She’s the one who will hold our hands and take us to paradise She will listen to our prayers and help us, talk to Jesus and pray for us to her son. Mother Mary won’t ever let her children cry out of pain and sorrow. She will always be beside us to wipe our precious tears and to comfort us and her prayers for us will never fail, her love for us will never run out and her merciful eyes will never leave sight of our hearts. Continue reading


Mary, Our Mother

Mother most gentle, most kind and pure,
She who was chosen to bring Christ to us all;
Many still lived, more powerful and fun,
Yet the littlest and humblest would bear God’s son.

Spouse of God’s spirit, she was one with the Lord,
Blessed is the fruit of her womb- the son of God;
She became the channel of this Holy Incarnation,
Can’t we then through her, taste Him who is our cup and portion? Continue reading