St. John Paul the Great – True Ambassador of Christ

We all need inspiration and we all need role models. Consciously or subconsciously we all have them. Some look at movie stars, others find them in sportsmen, while some others, among people we interact with. The Catholic Church has blessed us with ready role models, the Catholic Superstars who have lived their lives as a model for others to follow in the footsteps of Christ. Continue reading

Personal Relationships

Fides Et Ratio

I have always been a huge fan of Pope John Paul II. His life and his approach to deal with things simply inspire me. As I recently dived deep into the pool of Philosophy (very reluctantly), I was first amazed to know that Papa John was a philosopher and as my first book to read this year I started with ‘FIDES ET RATIO’ – Faith and Reason, encyclical letter by Pope John Paul II. I would like to share with you all in simple language what this great man of faith wanted to let us know through this letter. This book is written by this brilliant man in few words but when I started reflecting I could spend hours and endless pages making my own notes. So I will share with you only my understanding of the introduction and would suggest you to read this letter. Continue reading