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Praising in Action – Trust & Faith

Trust & Faith
To whom could Mary explain what had taken place in her? Who would believe her when she said that the child she was carrying in her womb was the work of the Holy Spirit? This was something that had never taken place and would never take place again.

Humility, we often think, is just the act of denying attention, accepting humiliation, essentially a deprivation of self. While this is true, Mary, echoing the prayer of Hannah, shines forth her humility in placing all the focus on God and identifies herself only with regard to God.

Submission, requires humility and trust. Submission trusts unquestionably and is ready to accept whatever it may entail.

Purity of Heart

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God”
~ Matthew 5:8

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Faith at Work

Praising in Word

One of the more under-rated categories of sin are the sins of speech. There are many ways we sin, but perhaps the most common way is by speech. Too easily, almost without thought, we engage in gossip, idle chatter, lies, exaggerations, harsh attacks, uncharitable observations and remarks. With our tongue we can spread hatred, incite fear and maliciousness, spread misinformation, cause temptation, discourage, teach error, and ruin reputations. We can surely cause great harm with a gift capable of such good! Continue reading

Personal Relationships

Praising in Thought

In our daily life we find it very difficult to praise God in every circumstance. Why is this?

One of the reasons is because we cannot see the hand of God or the will of God in that particular situation. We fail to see the spiritual side of things. We tend to walk by sight and not by faith.

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Laudate 2015

In Couples for Christ India, the month August has always been a time where Singles from all over the country gather to hear what God has been speaking to the entire community. With 12 chapters and 260 delegates, the National Singles Conference for 2015 kicked off with the theme “Laudate-A pleasing Sacrifice” at St Joseph Vaz spiritual retreat centre, Old Goa from August 21-23 2015. Continue reading