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Have you ever felt the calling to be an intercessor?

Some may say yes while others may wonder, “What does an intercessor actually do“? Well, an intercessor stands in the gap for another person, seeking mercy instead of judgment, life over death; they plead with God for the sake of others. Intercession involves taking hold of God’s will and refusing to let go until His will comes to pass. Continue reading

Personal Relationships

Successful Christian

Success seems to be the process of going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.

– This famous quote by Winston Churchill has often been of great help when I have hit lows in my life. Everyone wants to be successful and this trend of thought is seen around in the world we live. This is seen by the choices made by people in their families, work, careers and lifestyle, but after giving it lots of thought and little bit of reading I have come up with a list of things one can do to be a Successful Christian. Continue reading

The Need of Prayer for Elections

As elections are round the corner, there is a constant worry about what the outcome of the coming is going to be. Whether the Government that will be formed will be conducive to us Christians, or whether it will be one that will bring persecution for us. The truth of the matter is that the coming Government may not be the deciding factor that puts an end to the atrocities that Christians face. In fact, there may be many more challenges that may only spur up. So all we can do is surrender to our ever loving God and pray that the journey be smooth. Continue reading

Personal Relationships

Is God my ABBA?

Is God my Abba?

Prayer is central to our faith. It is prayer that helps us come closer and in union with the Lord. Pray without ceasing is the attitude every follower must try and adopt in his own life; but have you ever gone before the Lord and wondered what do I say now? How do I pray more fruitfully? Or the little doubts like ‘Am I making a valid prayer’? Or what is the better prayer to make so that my prayer is answered quickly? Continue reading