Beloved 2019 – Pune

‘I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine’ – Songs 6:3

was just the apt theme for Young Couples Conference 2019 which was wonderfully organized by CFCI Pune at the Papal Seminary. It began with a sensational Praise and Worship session that rose like incense to the altar of the Most High. The band Grace Afterglow rocked the stage with vibrant and energetic hymns that filled all the participants with great enthusiasm. Continue reading


Spark 2019

CFCI Youth – Pune witnessed many happy smiles and excited faces headed towards the venue for the Youth Camp on 3rd May 2019. About 17 youth in the age group of 13-19 years attended the camp. As they settled down we encouraged them to join in the all-time favourite actions-songs ‘waves of mercy’ and ‘undignified’. Continue reading


Handholding for Household-ing!

When I joined the community, I’d heard a number of times, the words – Household Servant. Now to me, those two words didn’t go together. I know the meaning of a household and I know the meaning of a servant. But what is a household servant? I asked one of the community members and she went on to explain – It is referred to those who lead the community in different ways. There are household servants, chapter servants, country servant and so on. The term servant was used because they are servants of Christ, serving Him to build His kingdom. “Ah, okay” I remember nodding my head as if it made sense to me. But in my mind, I was, “Erm… ok, this is a little weird!” I didn’t want to be any servant. Continue reading