Quitting Game of Thrones

is easy, I did it. But not on my own strength…

It all started in my second year of college; I told many of my friends about an amazing series out at the time, the Game of Thrones. I definitely rated it among the best ever written and created, with everything, from zombies, to wolves, to swords, to arrows, to dragons. It had deep concepts of betrayal, love, loyalty, murder, with shallow traces of brutal, bloody, gory murders and unnecessary nudity, proving HBO would go the extra mile to get the attention of their indifferent fans. It even had very religious people, yes, they had different religions, and different Gods, but some followed them, true to the letter. Many of my friends were skeptical at this time, but being the kind of talker I am, I convinced everyone to watch the first episode and like the giant black hole GoT is, everyone sucked into it. Continue reading