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Sacred Music: Purpose and Qualities

Approximately two years back, after a mass in which I was playing with other musicians, one of the faithful mentioned that the music that day made it really tough for him to pray. Not a comment that I had expected, But nevertheless, it made me think. Was our music actually fostering a spirit of prayer? Or did we lose track in our youthful enthusiasm?
Looking back…we I believe we did lose track. Continue reading

Personal Relationships

Sacred Music: Integral or Ornamental

Our family celebrations almost always have some time set aside to singing songs together. Since the new year, this has taken a new class and original compositions are also being premiered!

It is not uncommon to find persons expressing themselves not just generally by use of words, but somewhat more deeply by breaking out into a song. Singing in our case doesn’t have to be planned, it just happens. One can think of numerous situations in life wherein singing forms an integral part of what is celebrated, commemorated or what is happening. Continue reading